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Brand : Atavir

Price : 98

Strength : 300mg

Active : Atavir-Capsules-cipla-Atazanavir-300mg

Company Name : Cipla

Tablets : 30

Medicine Overview of Atavir Tablet


Atavir 300mg Capsule Cipla Note: This medicine is used for other HIV drugs to help control the infection of HIV. This helps to reduce the HIV in the body's immune system can work better. This can reduce the risk of HIV infection (eg, new infections, cancer) and improve quality of life. Dose and Management: Use Atavir 300mg cipla (atazanavir 300mg) Instructions for your doctor. Check the label for accurate quantitative description of the drug. An additional patient leaflet provided by Atavir (atazanavir has also been available with your Pharmacy If you have information about this issue. Take Atavir 300mg (atazanavir 300mg ) Through the mouth there is food. Swallow Atavir (atazanavir 300mg) All the contents. Do not break, squeeze, open Or if you missed the dose Atavir 300mg (atazanavir 300mg ) If it is near time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and return to your regular quantitative supply Do not take 2 doses once. Please consult your health care provider for any questions you may have about how to use Atavir Cipla 300mg (atazanavir 300mg ) is also available.

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